#981 — Be Humble

Buzzword Bingo: Bragging Rights = The right to boast about something

This one is difficult. Partially because we are humans and we crave recognition, appreciation and love. Humility however takes work. When you have it, it seems invisible, but others notice it. When you don’t have it, others don’t see it but they see something else instead…you brag, you talk about yourself and accomplishments too much, you are ready with stories of your successes (and usually not your failures). Strive instead for humbleness. When others recognize you, say thank you. When you receive an award, feel good because you earned it…but resist the temptation to say too much as that doesn’t end well. Humility means being confident with who you area, what you believe in, and your actions…and all of that exists regardless of if, how and when others recognize you. As a matter or fact, when say little about yourself is when others really recognize and appreciate you most.

Go…Be The Man!


#982 — Let Them All Sleep In


Kids are up early.  You’re tired and so is everyone else.  It’s the weekend!  Regardless, go get the crying baby, or the eight year old who wants breakfast, or the dog who needs to go out.  Whatever it is, don’t hesitate.  Cat nap if you must, but don’t miss the opportunity here!

Go…Be The Man!

#983 – Coach, You Can Do It!

little league 04162014

There are kids out there who need you.  Even if you don’t know what you are doing, they need you to show them the way.  Read a book, watch a video, ask a friend…do whatever you need to do to learn the game of your choice and then hop to it.  Being a good coach for kids is fun and humbling.

Go…Be The Man!

#984 — Talk Less

42: No Talking!

You’ve got a lot to say.  Maybe a little too much.  You know a lot of stuff and that’s great.  Don’t let the conversation just be one-sided…only your side.  Share the air.  Go…Be The Man!

#985 — Give Her The Last Of The Ice Cream

ice cream spiritual [+1 in comments]

You know you want it, but there’s just a little bit left in that ice cream container.  Only enough for one.  Scoop it into a bowl, add some sprinkles and give it to her.  Go…Be The Man

#986 – Clean The Snow Off The Car

0204_BRI_A_zabel_2184 by newspaper_guy Mike Orazzi
You’re already cleaning snow off of your car or the family car. Help out a neighbor, help out a friend, help out somebody you do not know…clean their car too.

Go…Be The Man!

#987 – Pass Along Some Change

coins by Emmey
coins, a photo by Emmey on Flickr.

The next time you’re in line at a store and the person ahead of you is short by a few coins and unable to pay for their items, reach into your pocket and help out with a a bill or a few quarters. Better yet, don’t make a big deal about the gesture, just hand it over directly to the person running the register. You’ll help the person purchase their stuff and line moves right along. (You’re not going to miss those few coins in your pocket.)

Go…Be The Man!